Bushnell Bone Collector 1000 Rangefinder



  • Secure top-tier accuracy with the Bone Collector 1000, delivering unmatched range findings up to 1000 yards with a definitive 1-yard precision.
  • Featuring advanced ARC (Angle Range Compensation) technology, this laser rangefinder offers genuine horizontal and line-of-sight distances. With 1-degree angle precision, confidently tackle uphill and downhill shots, essential for varied terrains in hunting
  • Experience up to 2X brighter imaging, courtesy of the 50% larger objective lens, all-glass optical system, and multi-coated lenses. 
  • Stand out amongst hunting laser rangefinders with the ultra-fast scan mode, updating ranges 4 times per second. This rapid data refresh ensures timely target locking, facilitating quicker, more informed shots
  • Developed in collaboration with Bone Collector, ensuring it meets the authentic needs of dedicated hunters. A blend of ergonomic design, accurate tech, and robust build, it’s the ultimate hunting companion ensuring success in the field